Empath. Marketer. Speaker. Writer.

I am a digital marketing strategist who believes in bridging people and data with empathy.
My mission?
To use the written and spoken word to make digital marketing less intimidating.



Stories drive us. I view life as a complex plot, with the Universe as narrator, and my own story as a (hopefully) fun spin-off. The chapters of my own life have spanned childhood in the Middle East, an Engineering degree from India, and a nation-hopping MBA through Sydney, Singapore & Dubai; until finally, I found a city that could keep her: Vancouver. In this city, I have worked on successful projects and met some great people.

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I create digital marketing strategies for businesses and professionals. 
I create space for my clients to ask questions; to learn. 
I coach on how to lead teams remotely. 
I promote empathy. Always.

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An Educative Approach

What to expect: ​

  • A custom strategy that works (and you can learn how!) 

  • Your questions answered

  • Your brand's story told online

  • An unbeatable network of agencies and freelancers

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Guided by Candor

If you are looking to learn how to do things right, instead of letting me do them for you, contact me for an introductory call.

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Work Desk


Building client and team relationships remotely is a tricky but useful art. As a digital marketer, I have been working from home for 3+ years. I am now putting together all my education and experience in an online course to help transition managers to remote leaders.

This will include: 

  • Communication Strategies for Remote Leaders

  • Personal Performance Development

  • Team Management Strategies

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April 2020

Marketing Lead of AskCo19, an open-source project which is creating a platform to help doctors communicate across borders during the pandemic. I created the brand strategy and helped design the landing page. Ask me how.


Shreya is a problem-solver possessing an ability to learn. Using her empathy, assertion and project management skills in equal measures, Shreya navigated hurdles to deliver results on time. From showing up to meetings on time, setting, and monitoring agendas to putting processes in place, she has been an asset to the project. I'd recommend her to any organization and look forward to working with her in the future!

Alice Ko

Working with Shreya has been unbelievably insightful, her approach to amplifying brand messaging was amazingly galvanizing for my company. Always responsive and helpful, Shreya made me feel very well looked after, I will continue to work with her for the foreseeable future.

Serena Baleja

Shreya Sharma is a most delightful young lady and a thorough business professional with a great future ahead of her and I have no hesitation in endorsing her. Shreya always presents herself extremely well both personally and professionally with a very positive, bright personality and attitude which endears her to those around her. Shreya is destined to make her mark on the future due to her natural charm, diligence and professional ethic.

Richard Coller



Vancouver, BC, Canada

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